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Be memorable

Visual identity (aka "branding") is a touchstone for your company, products, and services.

Ed was a founding member of (and designer for) Artists for Unity Animals, a program inspired to support Unity Animal Hospital's rescue and animal health funds.

In 2018, we created a logo, based on a photograph, and built a website for Lynn Lampman's 3Rs Art creative endeavors.

With the Pastor and Consistory of St James UCC in Havertown, we designed a logo for the church, and the pastor did an 8-part sermon series on the symbology contained in the logo. 

We helped Stanford Thompson of Play On Philly prepare for an August 2019 Leadership Retreat, where experts and non-profit leaders explored and shared inspirations, operational strategies, and problem-solving techniques.

Grafhartwerx can assist with establishing or expanding/exploring your brand, for all print and digital purposes.

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