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MandalaLexica stair hanging triptych
Basic mandala created from my name
Photoshop-enhanced mandala, printed and framed, for Melody's birthday


Pictures made from words

Worth a lifetime of stories.



We turn typography into vector art, then explore the visual possibilities of shape, form, and color.


We can create personalized gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays, or any other occasion that requires a good story.


Our empty stairwell had been shouting at me to fill it with beauty and significance. The stair hanging (far left) was created as a Christmas gift.


A few MandalaLexica designs are available on CafePress, with the VectorPets products. MandalaLexica will eventually have its own storefront.


Custom MandalaLexica designs—"your name here!"—are available upon request. Send a message or an email for details on how to order.

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